Tribute to Barry White Ft. Jim Larkin
Friday September 29, 9:30 pm

Jim Larkin, born in San Francisco, has become an international ambassador of Blues, R&B & soul. He has been performing, writing, producing and developing great music since the 1950’s! This performance will be a continuation of a series of shows that take us on a journey of the History of Soul Music, starting with it’s roots in Blues and Gospel and transcending through the era’s of RnB, Funk and Modern Soul. His show is a real entertainment spectacle, unique in this part of the world! Jim has become extremely popular in his visits to Bali and is a true veteran of showmanship and representative of Black music. Here is a man who has ‘been there, done that and still doing it!' this time doing it for the seductive sensational Barry White.

Genre: Blues/Soul/Jazz/RnB

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Total Amount: $5.00