Astrid Sulaiman & Yuri Mahatma Jazz Project
Thursday July 20, 9:30 pm

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 2nd, 1980, piano player Astrid Sulaiman is "breaking the jazz crowd" in Jakarta.
Trained in classical- music disciplines at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik, Astrid decided to try to play any kind of music where she finally found that jazz is the way to express her musical needs. She also got the jazz lesson from Andi Wiriantono, Arya and Rio Moreno. Since then Astrid had performed in many jazz events with numerous local and international jazz artist such as Ruth Sahanaya (Ind), Glenn Fredly (Ind), Yuko Shirota ‘s YAA (Japan), Klaus Werner (South Africa), Chika Asamoto (Japan), Uwe Plath, Dian Pratiwi (Germany), Elina Grodzinskaya (Russia), Cheong Lee (Malaysia), Morten (Denmark), Dmitry (Russia), Roberta Gambarini (USA-Italy). She also played in Java Jazz Festival( 2006,2008, 2010), concerts with German musicians in Landau in der pfalz, Dortmund (Germany,sept.2008), Cultural exhibition in Milan & Rome (2011).

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